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With the problems of her personal life mixed with the insecurities that come with the job, An actress has to find a way to separate her reality from her insanity in this short film that combines the feeling of “The Black Swan” with the intense world of being an actress.



Posted in Uncategorized on April 5, 2011 by actressshortfilm

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18-27 Innocent, Frail looking, Insecure actress at the core.

Young female actress currently working on her budding career. She has to find time to get her life in order while still maintaining the rigors that is the film industry. On the set of the newest role she was cast for, she slowly starts to breakdown mentally from the world, where her reality and mentality are falling apart as the pressure continues to test her as an actress.


22-29 Young Actor, looking for a pretty face.

This is just a good looking male… nothing short of that.


35-60 Rough and experience looking, a Tony Scott about him.

Older distinguished director who has seen his share of fame, but now is just trying to find a hit in the box office. After a slew of fizzle movies, this director is looking for something that will get him some attention in the dramatic department.  The director still pushes for acting excellence, but over time has losted his ability to really convey his vision. Short Tempered and arrogant round out his more positive qualities.